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1. Gracilaria verrucosa (BXG)
Gracilaria verrucosa occurs in the lagoons of Lüderitz. To augment natural erratic supplies we cultivate this seaweed on floating net systems in one of the lagoons.
Raw material for agar agar production
As a garnish for sushi
2. Ecklonia maxima (giant brown kelp)
2.1 The cast kelp is collected off the southern coast-line of southern Africa. It is sun dried before being milled into three different grades, 25mm, 3mm or 800G (800 micron) and is baled in 20kg bags.
For the extraction of alginate
Ingredient in animal fish and other marine feeds
As a booster in the production of compost tea
As a moisture retainer in agriculture and horticulture
2.2 Fresh kelp fronds and stipes are cut from the plant using an ecologically sustainable method. It is delivered fresh to abalone farms in the region or further processed at our factory.
Abalone feed
Raw material for AfriKelp® LG-1
3. Gelidium
Gelidium pristoides and Gelidium amanzii are collected along the east coast of South Africa. The seaweed is sun dried before being cleaned and baled in 100kg bags.
Raw material for natural, industrial, and bacteriological agar
Various eastern food applications
4. Ecklonia maxima and Laminaria pallida
Ongoing international medical research is underway using both Ecklonia maxima and Laminaria pallida kelp from both Lüderitz and Gansbaai areas.
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