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Taurus Chemicals (Cape Kelp) (Pty) Ltd is a manufacturing and trading organisation specialising in seaweeds and aquaculture in Southern Africa.
Taurus Chemicals (Cape Kelp) (Pty) Ltd:
Have been involved in the global industry since 1975
Have permits to harvest/collect the various seaweeds from the South African Government
Are strictly monitored by the South African Marine & Coastal Management
Are committed to the sustainability of seaweed

Are ecologically friendly

Activities include:

Cultivation of red seaweeds

Harvesting of brown and red seaweeds

Global trade in seaweeds and phycocolloids

Seaweed product development

Cast and cultivated Gracilaria
Cast and harvested kelp
Harvested Gelidium
Raw material for AfriKelp® LG-1

Fresh kelp fronds for abalone feed

Raw material for medical research

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